May 4, 2021

Randomizing the activity icon in McMojave Gnome theme

One of the things I love most about Linux desktop environments is the ability to customize nearly everything to my liking. In this post I describe how I changed the default "activities" icon of the...


March 29, 2021

5 easy ways to get started with Linux servers without a homelab

With 100% of the TOP500 Super Computers and a huge amount of servers around the globe running Linux, having a good understanding of the operating system is not only an interesting hobby, but also a...


February 17, 2021

forcing myself to publish

I don't get things to a state of "done" very often. Here's how I try to change it. I am bad at finding value in what I create. Bad to an extent that I don't deem my own work 'worthy' enough to be...


September 23, 2020

It all starts with something

Boy, this year had it comming. Had I known, that there would be just so much to write about, I would probably have started earlier. Well, most probably not. The reason I started this blog today is...