About me

Oliver Jakobi

Hi there, and thanks for visiting!

I'm Oliver and I live in the beautiful city of Hamburg, Germany.

I'm a Linux Admin with seven years of professional experience in webhosting, product engineering, and IT business consulting.

My career brought me from being a judicial clerk, serving at a district court, to accounting and financial services (mostly credit insurance) to designing linux based server systems for small and medium businesses and managing IT Projects to being a lead systems administrator with a local webhosting provider running eCommerce Shops like Shopware and Magento on multiple thousand virtual machines.

Throughout the years I gained a lot of experience in project management, business administration and leading teams of various sizes, technical and non technical.

I also run a small business where I help business owners automating their IT infrastructure with ansible, docker, or sometimes just simple bash scripts and cronjobs.

If you feel like I could help you, please don't hesitate to get in contact!